A time for thanks.

This week, as we move from Thanksgiving to the winter holidays, community and family are on my mind. Far from the idyllic picture that’s shown in TV movies, we all know that these two things can have beauty in their own imperfections. A family isn’t simply a collection of parents, siblings, and cousins, but can also be the family we choose – of friends and allies. The same is true with community, which can’t just be an assortment of residents, workers, students, etc. But rather something that’s greater than the sum of its parts, flaws and all.

The more complex our world gets, the more important it is to believe in local community. To find graciousness in what exists around us and to look out for our neighbors. It’s tough work, especially when we’re surrounded by so much lazy cynicism, but it’s ultimately the ideal of a government “by the people.” This is doubly true during the holiday season, when togetherness and friendship can be an effective counterweight to melancholic memories. Look out for one another and we can build something lasting.

I also want to thank you for liking this page and signing up for these updates. I hope to use it to give some kind of incite into what it takes to be involved in a political campaign for higher office, as well as the ups and downs along the way of serving California’s 30th Congressional District in the San Fernando Valley.

Right now, we’re up against our first major hurdle – the filing deadline for getting on the ballot is December 6. Because California moved next year’s primary up to Super Tuesday, all the other deadlines moved up along with it. If you’re able to donate to our campaign, please consider doing it this week, as we’ll need to funds to make sure we can pay the filing fee and have some flexibility to forge ahead! Any amount will help us to our goal.

That’s all for now! I thank all of you for being part of my community. Local and otherwise.

Brian Carroll
Democrat for Congress (CA-30)

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