Ballot Order

Tomorrow is when the ballot order will be determined, so I wanted to break it down. Any guesses on which spot we’ll take?

UPDATE: Looking over more about the process tomorrow, and it’s even cooler than I thought – once the “randomized alphabet” is set, the order of the candidates will rotate depending on the State Assembly District of the voter. Starting with the lowest district number and then moving all the names up one.

In our case, five state assembly districts (38th, 39th, 43rd, 45th, and 46th) overlap with the California 30th. So if we’re listed second in the 38th, we’ll be first in the 39th, but last in the 43rd. This kind of rotation is great so that everyone has a more equitable chance based on what I outlined in the video.

What this means is that out of the 11 possible candidates, the best place a candidate can be placed is 5th. That way, you never get listed last and the name will appear 1st or 2nd in the higher population areas of the district.

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